Wall mount a non-VESA monitor? Answered


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I have an ASUS ML248H 24" monitor that I want to mount to higher to remove the footprint from my desk and to have a better viewing angle since I usually lean back so I have to look "down," compared to my body position, to look at it at the level of the desk. The problem is that it doesn't have any place to attach an off the shelf wall mount.
The only place to attach anything to it is where the base/stand is connected, and it's a funny thing that would be really difficult to replicate (see picture)
I've looked through many of the ibles in the subject and nothing seems quite right so any suggestions would be great. The only thing I can think of so far is to use the vertical part of the original stand which would add a couple inches to the depth and act like a lever, multiplying the weight on any thing holding up the monitor, but adds more options for attaching stuff in the form of one vertically oriented bolt hole at the opposite end of the one that attaches the bracket to the monitor, as well as four smaller holes at roughly 30  degrees to horizontal (see pic #2)
I was thinking of something like a pipe coming up off the desk or out of the wall but can't figure out how to connect the two pieces so that I can still have swivel and tilt adjustment.



6 years ago

i am havin kinda same problem here,
my 24 inch monitor doesn't have vesa mount
i am looking for a way to mount my lcd monitor in the rear of my car.
is there any ible that shows how to do so with non-vesa screen???????????
some help would really be apreciated


6 years ago

Build a shelf off the wall at the right height to support  the monitor.

Build a table to raise it to the right height.  You can use the space under it to store your keyboard when not using the computer..


Answer 6 years ago

Another reason I want to manufacture some kind of a mount is that the original stand doesn't give much tilt adjustment so when I raise it up I won't be able to aim it down enough to be facing sitting head level.