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Want more power! I have a several of late '80's World of Wonder "Lazer Tag" pistols, target sensors plus the rifle. Answered

I know they operate in the IR area, but ever since I bought them, back in the day, I always wanted to modify them,amp the power, make the beam visible etc.  I am a noob here so any help would be great!  I love these things.  Thanks!


If they are really lasers then this isn't a good idea BUT I believe that despite the title most are just LEDs usually IR .

The output can be increased BUT you may/will need some electronics skill and knowledge to pick apart the final LED driver and replace with a more powerful one of your own.

Look up high power TV begon circuits they are essentially similar.


6 years ago

Regrettably, if you succeed a lot of people will end up suing your parents
for permanent eye damage and blindness :(