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Want to Collab on a wallet, anyone?? Answered

Hi everyone. I don't have any time to finish my wallet, so I was wondering if anyone that has any old film (the kind that you find on reels) would like to make one. My idea was to make a kind of fabric out of the film, mesh it together, and then tape the ends so that they don't fringe and fall apart. I'd like to see it done, so it would be cool if someone took my ideas. You don't have to make it a collab if you want, I just want to see it done. Thanks, -Josh


I don't have time either :( I was going to play with the words and make a wall'ette, but I'm busy packing and cleaning to prepare for the subletters :P

hehe Teachers should cater to Instructables. Instructables first, education second!

I can't believe that no one wants to make a wallet out of film! I guess I'll just make it after all my tests are over, in about two months or so...