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Want to exhibit your work? Gallery spaces availabe Answered

At Hopkinson Gallery in Nottingham we have some fantastic Gallery spaces available for anyone who wants to have thier work displayed. Prices range from £40-£100 for 10 days depending on where you would like your work displayed. We have spaces now until Christmas and in the New Year. If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested please email kerenyoung@ntlworld.com to arrange a meeting and a discussion involving your art work.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what art work you can bring to this exciting space.

The address for the Gallery is 21 Station street, Nottingham, NG2 3AJ
Hopkinson Gallery is part of The Art Organisation (TOA) group which shows concern for the regeneration  of derelict property and the support of the arts and the education in art for the benefit of the community


Hey, I am based just off to the side of Nottingham, What sort of gallery pieces would you want to be shown off, and what kind of space/areas are available?

Hi We exhibit most forms of art work, from painting, drawings and photography etc, generally anything that can be hung on a wall. We have a few different space options available so the best thing to do would be to come on down and have a look at them to see if any would be suitable and bring a sample of your work. Please email me or leave a message on here if you are interested

Mhmm, well I don't have anything suitable for wall mounting, but if I get around to doing some more photography is a future option.

Thanks for the reply.

Bang two nails in the wall, bend them up slightly, and hey presto, a gun mount!

(I saw some mass-produced "steam punk" pistols in a shop in Blackpool, just before we last met, over a hundred quid, and ugly as sin!)

I forget - was that supposed to be just art, or functional as well (I could hang my lab coat on the corners of the tie...)?

I don't have any work to exhibit, but others may want to know - do you have staff who can sell pieces for the artists?

Hi Thanks for your reply, Any art on display can be sold if priced and theres always someone round to help anyone who wants to buy anything