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Want to make a mat that discharges small volts to cats to keep them off counters. Ideas? Answered

My cats are beasts and will NOT stay off the counter. The only thing I haven't tried yet is electricity. I basically need a DIY for something called a Scatmat. Don't want to hurt the furry kids, but they're MY counters!


I wish any of the other listed things had worked. Tried the orange thing, covered my counters in aluminum foil with double stick tape, used those spiky mats you cover your carpet with, tried a squirt bottle with added lemon juice, tried hollering, tried time outs for being caught... They were both hand raised (by necessity) and being fed on a schedule like that can make them a bit, um, food motivated. I'm not planning on hurting them, and the volts should be nothing stronger than a static shock. I've trained advanced recalls with my dog with a "shock collar" and we use the lowest setting. Yes, I've tried it on myself, no, it doesn't hurt at all, but it does let him know that momma's watching. :)

Electricity will hurt the cat. That's pretty much the only thing it does when used as a deterrent. Put sheets of aluminum foil on the counter when you're not using them, crinkle it up just a slight bit.. It will freak the cats right out when the jump on them. After a few weeks you can remove it and the cats will stay off.

I use foil to protect a swinging door between my Kitchen and dining room that one of the cats decided was a scratching post. She won't touch it now that I wrapped the first 2-1/2" of the edge with foil. Although it looks a bit tacky with its blue painter's tape border, better than having a gouged doorway (yes...she get's her nails trimmed..doesn't help, and no, I'm not having her finger tips cut off ;) )

Better answer is a mat which sets off an annoying audio shriek. Which I think is what the commercial scat-mats actually do. My deal with my own cat was that she was allowed on anything except food surfaces... but that I understood that the gas stove's pilot light was an undue temptation ("warm!") and she simply should not let me catch her there. This meant I'd sometimes hear a thump as I unlocked the front door... but I was willing to accept the compromise. A squirt bottle, especially one with a few drops of lemon juice in it, is enough to deter most (though not all) cats from letting you catch them. Beyond that... well, they're cats.

great minds....My cats have free reign except for the kitchen counters and the computer desk...The fear of GOD (that's pronounced "seandogue", or in cat: daddymommyfeedmelemmeoutpetmestopbrushingmeorI'llscratchyoureyesoutperson) has been effectively instilled in the elder, and I'm just now training the new one...Caught her on the kitchen counter today, but she was off before I could even react.. Loud noise is highly effective. I use a loud clap to train them.

There was an automated cat repeller on hackaday a month ago... it involved a camera that watched for movement, a computer script, and an x-10 module to turn on a blender full of water and a strobe light. Cats freak right out when they came to eat the fern by the sink :D

A fresh cut orange usually repels most cats. after a while they just stay off. A spray bottle of water and after a few sprays my cats learn their lessons.