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Want to put 12 different voice instructions into a stuffed lamb. Button pressed; voice begins. Where is this technology? Answered

LambieAnn is a lamb who sees lambs skating on TV and wants to learn to skate. She is the main character in a children's book. I would like to put a voice into her stuffed animal character. When the button would be pressed, it would activate her voice. She would give educational cues that would help all skaters become better i.e keep your head up. There would be a few fun comments too. I would like to know where I can find this technology so the button can be put into the lamb's ear or belly when the stuffed animal is manufacturered.



8 years ago

If this is a one-off sort of thing, then you can get digital voice recorder ICs that would do the job. If it will be mass manufactured, that's a whole other world (that I know very little about).

If I was trying to homebrew this, I'd either look for another toy I could cannibalize (there are instructables on embedding and/or subverting electronics from other toys and voice-memo things), or look for a microcontroller-based solution that someone has already built that I could adapt and adopt. But that would probably be too expensive for real manufacture, not to mention getting into all the questions of safety approvals now required for toys. So for mass production, you're going to want to talk to someone who has already tooled up for this. I'm sure the toy industry has off-the-shelf solutions, given how many toys already have a sound clip player embedded in them. These are likely to be cheaper in any nontrivial quantity, and will probably already be most of the way toward being certified as child-safe. I would expect that anyone who can handle manufacture of these in nontrivial quantities already has a supplier or two they could recommend to you... and may well be able to recommend voice actors you might want to work with, as well. Good luck with the project!

You could fit an Mp3 player - it would be quite easy to do.
For a large production-run you'd want to talk to someone in China.