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Wanta make something Answered

Does someone have a rig going? What are you using it for? What software are you using to generate g-code? What controller software are you using?


I'm planning on making a laser cutter out of an old plotter

sounds like a neat project. Do you have your laser yet? How big a field are you planning? Some commercial ones put in a beam splitter to combine a visible laser pointer with a CO2 infrared beam. It aids in safety and allows good registration during 'setup'.

I tried to build an ROV for exploring lakes for cool stuff. I can't remember what program it would have used. I cut to bare bones and put a camera pod on a pulley system. It would have been $300.00 to make. But it had everything you need to explore the deep.

cool ... do you have part of it done yet? I would be ineterested in seeing progress sofar!

Actually, I scratched it. I am now working on an ROV that will look like....(The pic)

Mosquito side.jpgMosquito.jpg

As a project in college my son and some co-horts did a autonomous boat. It has some neat downward looking sonar. The idea is to look below the surface of the 'muck' to see if there are some artifacts, etc, that might be archeologically significant. If so, then it allows archeologists to get in there before construction begins or to move whatever was considered to be constructed.