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Wanted: 1 Instructible for a hand/foot-powered water pump!! Answered

I'm having a very hard time finding an Instructable or just easy to understand instructions on building a hand-pump or foot pump for a sink that doesn't require electricity or anything other than man power to operate. I need a design that uses pressure to carry water from a jug/bucket/barrel and dispenses it into a sink that's up higher than the water supply. I.e., a hand-powered sink. Like something you could install into an RV or conversion van.

I'm very surprised that I can't find something like this on the internet, least of all detailed instructions or a diagram of how the system works! Any help or ideas would be MUCH appreciated!! Thank you!!


Look around for an empty drum with a hand pump on top, you could easily modify one of these to use as a small pump, though they have a long stroke you could take the valves and make a small pump that would work as a tap nicely.

In a pinch you could even modify a bicycle pump to do the job...

It should be easier to place the water source in some other location that is higher than the sink faucet so that you have a gravity-fed system.  But you situation seems to be different.  Most people would want to fill for use and have it ready at all times.

What is your original water source that you will be drawing from?  If that has no pressure then you need to pump.  You could look into rigging up a device that is like one of those medical IV pump things - rollers on a wheel that pinch the tube and press the liquid forward.  Hook that up to a pedal contraption of some sort.  You probably need to get a one-way check valve too.  There are also piston type pumps and old-fashioned well pumps.  Good luck.

> one of those medical IV pump things - rollers on a wheel that pinch the tube and press the liquid forward
Peristaltic pump, if I understand what you are saying (can't be too sure with you Yankees).
> probably need to get a one-way check valve
.  If the peristaltic pump is designed so that at least one roller has the tube fully compressed at all times, the check valve shouldn't be necessary on a low head system. It would probably be good practice to include one, but should be able to get by without it.


8 years ago

i kno of 2 rather simple types of hand powered pumps... they work fine and use rather simple physics and at least one of them were used in the old roman empire... try to look it up on the web... i will write another post again if i find one on the web or maybe make an ible... though here is a rough schematic of the easier one; pm me if you need a better one and i will draw it...
(you need 2 pipes of different size and 2 balls; the schematic is not bound to an absolut size you may vary the diferent sizes... the pump works by pushing the inner pipe up and down thus it has to be able to slide into the bigger one)
  |  | 
_|  |_
| \o/ |
|      |
\      /

|=outer of the pipe
slashes=tightened pipe
_=something that prevents air from getting inside the bigger tube

(if my english is a bit crappy, its because its not my main language... ask if you think you misunderstood something)

I have seen this type of system before used by port-o-potty systems for a handwashing station.  You push the pedal/pump diaphram and it brings the water up and out a faucet.  A quick Google search:  http://www.mesawasteservices.com/handwashing-portable-sink.php

I don't know specifics for the pumping but I believe thats what the poster is refering to. 

A simple ball type siphon hose (the type used to siphon gas/kerosene) would be a good place to start experimenting with.