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Wanted: 8"-10" STRONG Lazy-Susan type bearing Answered

Hello Community!

I'm in need of a strong/heavy-duty Lazy Susan-type bearing.  Looking for about 8" - 10", and a bearing capable of handling 100 - 150 lbs.  Smooth movement is a requirement. 

If you have one in your junk pile that's not being used, let me know!  





3 years ago

we can supply all kind of bearing, feel free to email me: bearinga@sq-skf.com, my skype: bearinga

I just took a quick look at McMaster-Carr. They have the kind of bearings you want, with load capacities up to half a ton for under $20.

Yes, many times, both through my work (at the SLAC National Accelerator Lab) and for personal stuff (see my crib I'ble). They have really great customer service, and fast, relatively inexpensive, shipping. It does help if you already know what you want (they're aimed at the professional market, not hobbyists).

You're quite welcome! Good luck with your project, and take lots of pictures so you can put up an Instructable! :-)

Wow! Thank you for the link! This is exactly what I was looking for!