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Wanted: Crosman M1 Carbine Answered

I'm looking to buy a Crosman M1 Carbine from the late sixties or early seventies. My relatives in the Midlands had one when I would visit them, and I miss that plinker to death. I asked them about it and they said they sold it at a yard sale a while ago. Now that I'm in Ohio, I can own one legally, but can't seem to find one. The rifle is out of production, and every Goodwill, thrift store, and garage sale I've been to has yielded nothing. So, if anyone has one of these rifles in preferably functioning condition and with the wood furniture and "magazine", I will gladly buy it. A broken plastic rifle with no magazine I will also accept. If anyone either is willing to sell theirs or knows where I can acquire one, please let me know.


i have one for sale i live in va... greencole205@yahoo.com

I live in Bethesda, Maryland and have a wood Crosman M-1 Carbine BB gun that I'm looking to sell. It looks like it's in fine condition and it still shoots BBs, though I can't vouch for the accuracy. Also, note that the BB container isn't in the photo. I'm pretty sure I still have that but I can't find it. If I find it, I'll update this post.

If you don't mind coming to Bethesda, I'm happy to sell you this. Please make an offer. Thanks.


Hi, this is Phil again. I found the magazine to the BB gun. So it's good to go.

Sure I'm interested. How much are you looking to get for it?

Hi. Thanks for the email. I've been on a couple of sites and have a pretty good idea of fair-market-value. But if you come to Bethesda for a cash-&-carry, I'll certainly offer a discount. Please let me know. Also, to confirm, I DO have the magazine. Thanks.

Hi, this is Eric again. I cannot travel to you, but being an honest person what I can do is send you a US Postal Money Order for the cost of the M1 and cover the shipping cost. The money order is cashable right at the post office. If we can agree on a price and you find out how much it would cost to ship (usually about $20.00) If you have any questions, email me directly at emacholl@twcny.rr.com or call me at home, 315-498-0092.
Thanks, hope to here from you soon.

Eric Macholl

I am looking for all Kinds of Crossman M1s. Even ones that need repair if priced reasonable. emacholl@twcny.rr.com

Hi. I'm in Bethesda, MD and I have a Crosman M-1. Please see my post. If you're interested, just shout. Thanks.

I am desperately looking for a Crossman M1 bb gun. My father gave me one when I was little and I remember having such a great time with it, now I want to share that experience with my son but always seem too late when I hear of one for sale. If anyone can help me locate one For sale i would be very greatful. Thanks

I have Crossman M1 Carbine that I recieved new as birthday gift over 43 years ago. It is complete and I would consider it excellant condition, would sell if the price is right or may trade for metal detector. If interested I can send pics by phone. This gun is nice and way cool so I won't give it away, but if you are interested let me know and we will talk.

Hi do you still have this M1 and want to sell it? I may be interested.

I have a very nice metal detector, I would like to trade pics if possible and go from there. I have a line on another that I have to look into as well but, I'll be jiggered if I couldn't find one in even half way decent shape and now, Two!. Must be my lucky day. One for my boy and one for hhe ole man to keep the good memory's alive. Thanks

I have an old M1 with a wood stock that works and has all the parts, if interested please contact me at bigchirf@yahoo.com and will provide you with photos.

I have a crossman m1 air rifle I would like to sell if you are interested. Some other guy was interested but when it came time to mail the money order I guess he changed his mind and stopped answering my emails.

This crossman, I believe is in excellent condition, has the original clip, plastic stock. I am not a collector anything like that. Just happens I have a bb gun.
I'm asking $150.00 plus shipping. If you are interested contact me at

thanks bob

Let me know if he's willing to sell it!

Thanks for finding one, I appreciate it.


sorry I didn't reply to your email to me on May 13th. I still have the crosman m-1 if you are interested. bobinpa........contact me at rjb133@ptd.net

I'm not interested quite yet, bob. I'm going to hunt around locally for a while. Thanks very much, though.


6 years ago

just came across an original Crosman Arms M-1 Carbine B-B Air Rifle! all original parts with original dummy magazine and original wooden stock! great condition. My fathers friend gave it to him before he moved up north.

I have a crosman m1 air rifle that I would like to sell. It is all original, has the original clip, shoots fine. It has a spot of rust on the barrel but not heavy. It has the plastic stock and all in all I would say is in excellent condition. I am not a collector or anything just have one that I don't have a use for. I would like $150.00. You can contact me at rjb133@ptd.net, I can send pictures. thanks

150 seems like a fair price. I've been looking around and that is worth it for the condition and original stock. I still need to think about it, but I will get back to you.

Saw four vintage M-1s avilable right now on gunbroker.com. Click on Air gun/Air Rifle. Saw two rare wooden stock ones for $175 and two croswood (plastic stock) for $150.00. All had several days left on the auction counter. Good luck.

Thank you very much. It's rare that these ever come up. I appreciate your looking for me.