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Wanted: Electric Guitar Wiring Instructable Answered

I was wondering if anyone out there would like to make an instructable devoted to the wiring in a guitar (or bass)? Sure there are a few guitar instructables that have a wiring step, but there's not much more then a schematic. Does anyone out there have the time/skills to make one showing, for example, what difference do different valued capacitors make, or which pot value should be used for what effect? Thanks for reading, and even more thanks in advance for anyone who makes it.



9 years ago

I included a wiring step in my "Trash-o-caster" 'ible, but it doesn't include schematics or actual wiring.

Why? Because there are hundreds of different ways to do it. For instance, there are nearly one hundred diagrams and schematics just for Stratocasters on this page alone...

If you could narrow it down, I'm sure we could find something for ya.

I just mean like a step showing how to wire pots, a step for wiring pickups, etc so you can mix and match different components to get the right sound.

I gotcha, that's a pretty good idea--more of a general guide, plus the practical stuff. It wouldn't be easy to make it comprehensive, since even the mechanical aspects vary widely. For instance, a Strat has all the pickups and controls mounted on the pickguard. The bridge ground is the only solder joint off the guard. But a Les Paul has the controls mounted in a cavity, accessed from a panel on the back. The pickup wires are pulled through holes in the body, as is the jack connection. Hollowbody guitars are the worst. The pickup cutouts are the only access, and controls must be dropped in and pulled back out through the mounting holes. The jack, too, if there's no jack plate. So if the wires disconnect there, the entire wiring harness has to be removed just to fix the jack. It's a pain. I can give you one quick tip: Usually the POTs are grounded, so wires needs to be soldered directly to the POT body. A small 10 or 15 watt soldering iron won't work. A 20-30 watt iron is required...

Ok, thanks for the help. The mechanical aspects are the easy part.

I'm better at building objects then circuitry. Much better.

. Weird. Your iBle shows 37157 views and 31 ratings, but 0 comments. I was going to post a comment to tell you what a good job you did, but I'm afraid something is messed up and I don't want to exacerbate it.

Don't all instructables have funky generated string URLs for the individual steps? Or maybe because it's an old 'ible.. Anyway, Thanks!

Really? I see the comments when I'm on allsteps. ou sure you're not just looking at one step?

. I used your link and it has "?ALLSTEPS" at the end. All 15 steps are displayed, then "Add Comment" and then Related - no comments.
. This URL seems to work. Only difference I see is that you use a numeric ID and mine uses the title text. Weird.