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Wanted Forum Category Rules Answered

Welcome to the Wanted forum category!

This category is for listing services or items you want that may be found in the Instructables community.

Please keep things relevant to the spirit of the site. Really cool listings may even be featured to the Instructables homepage, while irrelevant postings will be deleted.

We encourage people to use our private messaging system to work out details, and remind you to deal locally when possible, or only with others whose reputation you can determine and trust (for example by checking out their Instructables profile). We strive to keep the quality of the listings high, but cannot guarantee their accuracy. When in doubt, ask lots of questions in the comments!


Try starting your own forum topic, and make sure you do not include your phone number in such a public forum.

Just let people add comments to your topic, or send you PMs.

(In fact, I would delete your comment if I were you, just to make your phone number secure.)

I want a million dollars and a mansion. Oh, and a Ferrari F40.

hehe..when I read the title, I thought you were trying to find someone to write the rules for you =p

so did I, then realized it would have probably been written as.....

Wanted: Forum Category Rules
:-) but only after I came here ;-)

It's funny how all three / now four comments are off the title.