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Wanted: Vehicle Answered

Hey there I am a dude who is just trying to find a car, I recently had stolen and it went through a chop shop. The insurance company will only settle to give me a piece of crap settlement fund, so in other words I need a vehicle (preferably running). I live in the central Texas area, and would love some help here because I need a vehicle to get to work and school to pay my bills. Please PM me if you have any ideas or can offer any help on the subject. I only have a few hundred dollars I can spend (the insurance settlement). I don't mind doing a bit of work cosmetically, or even functionally as long as it wont cost me a fortune to fix up front. Thank you.



Maybe you could try r/Assistance. I feel kinda guilty directing you elsewhere but I think you're more likely to get help there. Note that you must have been active on reddit for 90 days to ask for money. Asking for a vehicle should be fine, though.