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Wanted a tutor or resources to learn electronics in an easy way Answered

Hi, i'm an IT student but i'm very much interested in electronics and robotics, but i cant find a good source which can teach why to use the components, how to use them and where to use them, in a easy way. I searched lots of web sites but dont know which one to choose. I prefer video tutorials, so i learnt many things through youtube. Now I know little bit about basic electronics (self learn, so I may have left some topics). If there is any resource to teach in correct way, please inform me. Thank you. 



6 years ago

Here are a couple good starting points for learning microcontrollers:


http://www.imaginen4tion.blogspot.com/2012/04/dirt-cheap-microcontroller-project.html (see the link to the "helpful tutorial resource" at the bottom)

http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Started-Arduino-Make-Projects/dp/0596155514  (a good source for real beginner microcontroller, circuits, and programming)

As for straight up learning circuit theory and electronic component sizing your best bet is probably taking an introductory electrical engineering course somewhere or joining a robotics club and learning from others.  There are multiple top tier universities now offering free online courses.  Check out this article for a good starting point:



6 years ago

Phew- I've been in this game ~50 years & predictably -ahem!-have diverse ideas, BUT the hardcore theory & basics can take ages to appreciate & may bore you. Where are you? Resources? Time? Budgets? Texts? Are you up with micro-controllers ? Used solderless breadboards? IMNSHO one of the friendliest approaches to classic semiconductor & IC circuitry is via Forrest .M. Mims III 1980s vintage "Engineers Notebooks". See http://www.forrestmims.com/