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Wanted: flyback transformers of any kind Answered

Hi, im looking for flyback transformers of any kind. since plasmana wants only older styles ill take all the modern ones if anyone has any. i would be willing to pay for shipping and the transformer if the price is within reason. these are the type of transformers found in old crt tv's (the big ones) if anyones interested please post a comment or pm me Thanks




6 years ago

Do you still want flyback transformers?

I can get you a couple of flybacks for a couple of bucks

how many for how much? do they work? and where are you? PM me if want.

i might be able to get 5 for $5 a transformer and i can ship them all for $10 (if your in the states).

yes I would be pulling them out of computer moniters and big TVs

ok all 5 for $35 with shipping. i can do money-order or paypal