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iBook G3 Clamshell - Opinions needed? - Should I start a Progress thread? Answered

So, after a few weeks desperate searching for an iBook, I finally bagged one on ebay.
I was specifically looking for one that was non functional, as the mod I am planning is rather 'destructive'.

So, my question is as follows, now that I have posted my wanted topic, and edited it to say I have one, and I am planning another vintage mac mod. Should I turn this forum topic into a progress thread? Updating as I go along?

A lot of forums do exactly this, and although here we have the ability to put up the entire progress at the end, with a complex project like this, on going input is always welcome.

Currently, I am deciding whether to turn it into a folio case, housing my iPad, gadgets, and other paper stationery, or whether I could manage to retro fit my netbook into the iBook?
  • The netbook has not been used as much as I would like since purchasing my iPad, so it could be fitted into the iBook, however, I will probably find myself not using the iBook mod. My mum is also in need of a new computer, she the netbook I won would probably be suited to her.
  • The iBook, once gutted has alot of empty space, I could either turn it into a 'netbook' of sorts with my iPad and a keyboard (this was done recently, but obviously I would do a better job of it, making the ibook so it actually closes for example)
  • A gutted iBook could easily hold my iPad in the screen section, leaving the larger half empty, I could then keep my Phone, business cards, notes, and other folio-esque items in it. (this is my favourite idea)



i dont suppose you will tell us about the secret project yet, will you? also, im not sure if its in the uk, but try surfing kijiji? and you wouldn't know where i can get a adapter for my powerbook 190? i didn't get one with it, and the battery is dead. anyways, good luck!

Infact, I have updated the topic to reflect my trail of thought for the project!

well, im thinking that you should do the netbook mod, but only since it would follow the same train of thought as your vintage mac mod. but then again, a touch screen clamshell couldn't be that bad either... im stumped. 2 good ideas, you should see if you can make a poll, and then people can vote on which idea they like best. good luck!

Indeed, I think it all comes down to the fact that I do not use the netbook that much, because the iPad has replaced its main use, so modding the netbook, although a great idea, might yield a useless product.

I have a working one I am willing to part with. I is missing a battery but I have a power cord. Location: California, USA Price: "For you, a special deal; Free"

That sounds about right! I have no need for the battery. If you could work out a price for shipping to the UK, that would be great also! Obviously The cheapest option you can find. Then If I am happy with the postage, I can send it over via paypal to yourself? (also, any chance of a picture or 2?) Thanks very much for the offer!