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Wanted: non-electric water level valve Answered

We have a small water-fountain that needs topping-off.

I want a valve to allow a 1/4" soaker hose to dribble water until it reaches a set level

I've seen larger versions, but I want to make one that will fit inside a small fountain. I don't even know the hydraulic principle that can do this.

Please advise


Fill suitable sealed container with water.

Attach a hose to said container.

Submerge said hose just under the surface of the water in the fountain, when the water level drops water will refill the fountain.

Just like an animal water feeder.

ricks idea is the simplest, which is often good.

I'll second the cistern valve idea of Steve.
Worked for me as an auto fill for a solar still.
I'd just top up the plastic milk jug as needed and gravity did the rest.

It looks like the sort of valve used in a toilet cistern to me

I have heard it called, "float valve". Wikipedia redirects "float valve" to "ballcock", here,


This float valve is also a part of most swamp coolers... Wikipedia redirects "swamp cooler" to "evaporative cooler",


and this part, just the float valve, is sold separately in stores that sell swamp cooler parts. Where I live, these are a seasonal item. They only sell them in the Summer, or maybe late Spring.