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Wanted: solar powered car air fan Answered

You know how they have those solar powered air fans you hang in your car window so the car won't get too hot in the summer? Well I spent $35 and bought one, and it's a piece of junk. The fan won't even turn. I'm not sure if the motor is too weak or the solar panel is too weak. Panel is quite small, like 1 inch by 5 inches. So I'm looking for a cheap one to build myself, perhaps using the case from the old one. The problem is, how much surface area in solar panels do I use? Maybe I'll just hook the old one to another car battery, then hook a solar trickle charger to the battery to recharge it. Hmmmm... Anyone want to try and post an instructable for this idea?


I bought 1 of those from "as seen on TV"

whart a ripoff.

. A friend of mine bought one of those that was also DOA. He fixed a cold solder joint and it started working. . He said it was just a PV cell, a fan, two wires, and the case.