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Wanting to make a cat toy, for two fat cats.? Answered

Was thinking of,,,,, a shoe lace or sunglass kind of string, as the “Bait”.
Want it to snap then craw back like your trout fish casting or pull back dragging on floor and a snap -out -again- W/O this arm smacking them in the head  (thinking of a hysteresis type  motor for speed and tork with short spring and stud to whip string 
out about 12”.
  1.  Toy to Turn on and off with motion switch or after 2 min. of play  &  shut down, quit and turn on only by motion of them wanting to play again don.t want a presher plate switch.

 Am I asking too much.?


Label it or catalog it. If you don't want to rely on their guessing, don't make them guess.

Intangible value is inherently subjective... I still have a pile of stuff from my previous cat, a small amount of which is now back in use.

You aren't asking anything inherently unreasonable, I think. One approach would be to hook the string to a microswitch, so that the cat pulling on the string closes the switch and starts the timer. Cats can also learn to push buttons; one of mine clearly understands the toilet flush handle though so far he hasn't put enough effort into it to actually activate it, or you could set up a plate which they would rub against (fairly natural cat action) to start the toy going and wait for them to make the connection. Or you could use a motion detector (optical beam, IR, camera) aimed a bit above the cats' normal height. I forsee many weeks of entertaining experimentation as you figure out what will work best for your particular cats.

The mechanical end of this, as you've described it, may be tricky and I have no advice to offer on that.

One of my cats will almost retrieve -- she hasn't quite figured out that the jingly ball has to get all the way back to me before I'll throw it down the hallway again. We're working on that.

But losing weight generally requires both increasing activity *and* cutting caloric intake. Some cats can be left to self-feed; some will be hogs. Some will keep their weight stable on a standard portion; some needs smaller portions or a lower-calorie food. If you haven't asked your vet for advice, it might be worth doing so.

(At least you have two fat cats. My girlfriend has both a fat cat and a skinny cat, and no good way to do differential feeding.)

Regardless of what you come up with, I'm a fan of those little mice that you can stuff full of catnip (as an augment). It stimulates their natural inclination towards the "hunt" and seems to make more mature cats alot more frisky in general. They've been very helpful with my cats over the years. Catnip is not a danger either. Cats cannot be given too much, as they will self-limit.

Catnip can be purchased at pet supply stores in relatively large containers for a modest sum. I recently bought two ~2qt containers at a local Pets Supplies store for less than $10 in total.

Of course, you can also grow catnip if you're a gardener.

Alternatively, get the little fur mouse toys and store them in a container with catnip when they aren't being played with. They'll pick up enough scent and catnip dust to be interesting.

Me-thinks it's you that wants a cat toy LOL. If the cats are fat, you need to cut down their feed as they are not like dogs, who need exercise to keep them calm and a reasonable weight. Good luck with this Ible I look forward to seeing it.

fwiw, in most cases, cats that overeat are bored and often depressed. Affection, attention and interaction can go a long way to reducing the problem of overeating (imo).

You are so right however they can only eat what is supplied, which may be too much.

Fair enough, but I keep a large bowl of dry food out at all times for my cat (only one now that my precious old friend died just before Christmas) and have never had problems with fat cats. Most people I know with fat cats neglect them, probably because most people think they're solitary, which as pets, they aren't.

And all of my cats have eaten roughly a can of wet food a day as well. The dry food is "cookies" they can eat at their own pace, the wet in the morning and evening in tandem with my own breakfast and dinner.

I suppose I'm lucky in that I allow my cats outside, which improves their ability to excersize, a luxury not all people can afford due to the apartment style of life so many have chosen.