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Wanting to make a switchable IR night light Answered

Every night I come home, I have to open my garage door manually and park my motorcycle. When the garage closes, its dark and I tend to bump into my cycles exhaust burning myself. Yeah pretty funny. Anyways I had an idea, since I already had an arduino uno board and an IR Sensor and emitter, I wanted to make a trigger-able light switch. But I wanted my IR reader to run on AC, like a night light.

At the press of a button from my emitter, the IR would pick up the codes and my light would turn on. Is this possible? Some people say, just buy a motion sensor and plug it in, I say i'll just salvage it for parts and try to make my own. Whats the fun in buying it, when I could build it with parts I already have.

I mean, I know AC is dangerous, if not viable, then I could resort to a 9v with a power capacitor so long as it doesn't drain my 9v instantly.



4 years ago

Well, for under 10 bucks you get LED night lights with motion sensor - I would not waste an Arduino on such a simple task.

I upgraded my garage with an electric opener from the local wreckers, added a 10$ universal remote to it.

Costs all up under 80 bucks and I just press a button when I want the garage opened - the light stays on for 3 minutes after that.

You could also use a simple timer, plus a switch on the garage door.


Reply 4 years ago

That's exactly what I mean. I mean no offense, but I asked for a DIY not a suggestion really. That would defeat the purpose of using this site if I am being told to just go buy something rather than make it. And I mean no rudeness when I say, if I feel I want to use my arduino towards this project, then there is no waste, smell my drift; besides, I can re-use my arduino if I feel the need to build a prototype of the IR switch, it doesn't bother me, its just an experience really, and I hate the experience of spending money on something I could have just built, really =\.


Reply 4 years ago

Well, that was exactly my point here: You want to use hardware that costs several times of what a simple solution would cost.

I I don't mean just buying a sensor light.

Was trying to give you some ideas.

But I guess pointing you towards a solar garden light for the light detection and a simple IR remote would be pointless.

Enjoy your build.