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War!! >:( Answered

Okay, so I have this video on YouTube titled The K'nexecutioner (twin gatling K'nex gun)[the link]It's the video that features my huge first model, and it has been up for a while and has gotten lots of views, comments, a solid 4.5 rating, etc.

But this one comment keeps coming up constantly. Yeah. The people who, upon seeing my video, cannot help themselves and must one-up me or prove they're better by saying I have no life. Normally, I just delete these stupid flaming kids' posts and move on. But, this time I decided to try and humiliate one of the flamers, just for the heck of it. If anyone with a YouTube account wants to jump on in, do it tastefully and maturely.

- I am 21 years old
- I have the whole *top floor* of my parents' house to myself
- I live at home because the college I go to is 20 minutes away
- I have had a sweet, lovely, awesome girlfriend who has for *two years so far* put up with my dorky K'nexisms


Yay, a K'nexer my age!!!

23. Shut up! I don't "K'nex" often, and when I do, it's not for very long. I feel babyish. Am I weird for that? I feel weird associating with kids, but...Oh, God. What am I? I do have a job, and of course a car. I have a girlfriend--am I still weird?

Larrymark- a notorious knexer on the knexforum, is in his 50's I think.  OPA on KI is a grandfather.

My classmate in 3rd grade had a niece who was older than her. Whoa, that was a while ago. That girl is like 24 now.

Wait, isn't Dr. Wierd the guy with no shirt, this guy named Gentleman (Gentleman, behold!!) and A fish tank for a helmet??

 My friend showed me that once, I thought it was pretty screwy.

??????? why are you telling me to shut up? what did i say?

im not making fun of you, there is no reason. i understand that you play knex and it is a hobby, nothing to be ashamed of.

haha, i dont think that you are a creep. what college do you or did you go to?

Berkeley, in NYC. The Library was pretty cool, but it was too high for my taste.

you live in New York? nice! i read college rated books like les miserables and Don Quixote. don't think im a nerd cause im not, i just like to be challenged by these type of books. i would like to go to the Ivy league. what job do you do?

I used to. Moved to Ohio. Pretty cool place. I paint, sometimes cartoons, and write a little.

interesting. im ok at drawing. i prefer to play basketball and tennis. what sports do you play?

i know, basketball is awesome! Who do you want to win? i would like Cavs to win but it doesn't look like it. it would be cool to see lebraun against Kobe, don't ya think?

I hope they can pull themselves together. Yeah, LeBron is a good match for Kobe.

i know right? hmm, can't believe that i spelled LeBron wrong. just completely slipped my mind. i live in arizona, and the Suns aren't that good. they are ok, but nowhere near as good as the Cavs or Lakers. XD

Hey, better than the comments on mine. Most are just "cut your hair, hippy". :p I'm 20, and left the knex at my parents' for my sisters to play with. I miss them. :(

The k'nex I mean. My sisters are half the reason I moved out of there. :p

If someone says "get a life and a girlfriend", try this next time:



 they do this because of the way you look. when u take a picture of yourself with your gun : get a haircut, wear nice clothes, and lastly, smile!


8 years ago

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/11edd">www.youtube.com/user/11edd</a>

Omg seriously. If you "play" with knex and you get a girlfriend, hide the knex in a locked closet or something. If you break up take them out again but if you get too old and are still playing with knex you need to throw them out. It's just creepy for a 30 year old guy to have and use knex. (ps. If someone really likes you they wont care about your knex, unless of course you make a gun that hurts people and stuff.)

Don't feel bad, its just a hobby, nothing that those losers who really don't have a life on youtube. i really like your guns and they are really inovative. i got to agree with DJ radio, knex couldn't exist without people like you. i am 13, i live with my mom and dad, and my school is about 10 minutes away, but i dont mind walking. i would like to get into a college in the ivy league. that would be great. i really hate those people on youtube who can't think of anything else to say other than those hurtful comments. maybe they were abandoned by their parents XD. Keep up the great work dude, sorry i dont have a youtube account. :(

-im 14 years old -i have 3 rooms in the house for me and my knex -i live at home with my mum an dad -my school is just around the corner from my house (2 min walk) -i have what i like to call a "ball area" in my room

man, knex wouldnt exist if it wasnt for 30 year old knex lovers!

whats that gun of his, which he has in is picture

Absolutely agreed. I've had the same thing happen. And I just delete em. People are very rude and should respect the intrests of others. Spamming is another problem on YouTube currently. I can't count how many, "FREE GIRL NUDE CAM VIDEOs" posts I've seen. Marked as Spam as soon as I see one. It's just so immature, and its even worse that someone wanted to hate what your doing, so they decide to create an account just for insulting you. Thats lame. I really hope everything on YouTube will stop, because it's getting pretty bad. --BLACKROD

ye i totally now what u mean its seriosly getting annoying thats why i like never go onto u tube anymore for knex guns i just go on here because its also anoyying for the people who want to read the comments

Knex is awesome for all ages. Keep up the not feeling bad.

Knex is great in every way! Except price...