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Warhammer 40k question Answered

if you can please answer my question.


How do you paint The Necron Nightbringer?

Hahaha...I am a Necron. I painted him black and white. He looks good that way.

also do u want to join my wh 40000 group?

sure i dont play 40k but i'm trying to make a historical version EX. tanks, army men , ect.

i can't post a link for some reason, but look at my name, it's called warhammer 40000

Strength is used when dealing wounds, and it is compared to the opponents toughness in a table in the rulebook. Ap is where if the armour save of the target is equal or worse (lower figure) to the ap value, the opponent doesn't get an armour save. I can't explain types of weapons because it would take forever to type, but get the wh 40000 rulebook to get it fully.

I don't know, but I've been wanting to get into tabletop games, but once again, my hodunk town doesn't have many tabletop geeks.