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Was this contest created by an Instructables member? How do you do it? Answered

 I didn't know that Instructable members could create their own contest. That's a great idea! I love to host a Ruby Goldberg Machine Contest. How do I create my own? 


kiteman is right, it's not an official contest.

To create your own contest you just need to come up with an idea and let people know about it. You can create a group to host the entries (like I did), or post a forum topic like zieak did for his contest.
Those crazy k'nex kids have been holding independent contests for ages, consider taking some tips from them too. Here's an example of a k'nex contest running right now.

Gather some ideas and host your own!
If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.
Good luck!

You definitely stepped it up...and I love it.  My next "contest" will be a bit more comprehensive too!


8 years ago

 Sounds great. After I'm done working on my stuff for this project, I'll get working on my contest. I've seen Instructables do BAR2D2, and crazy robot butlers, but I'd look to see what you guys could do with a bunch of spare junk and trash! 

*Rube Goldberg. It would be really neat if more user generated contests around, especially one for Rube Goldberg machines.

If you create a good contest I might offer a few patches for prizes.


Try contacting Mikeasaurus,

(BTW, it's not an official site contest)

I don't know how he has done it but your best bet would be to contact an admin (fungus amungus for example) and tell him your contest idea and the prices you are willing to give out. what the requirements are and so on.

I'm sure if you have a great idea you can work something out :)