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Washing machine motor on an electric vehicle? Answered

Hello, i already asked a question about a car starter as a Motor for my Electric bike project. I got bad news from the answers, so I wanna use a washing machine motor. 

My question is, do i need 240V to power it? Or it has like a transformator in the washing machine that makes the voltage lower?

I never opened one..


What about one of these high efficiency washers in a car, I opened one up and it was full of magnets.

I have a washing machine motor and I want to make electric bicycle as a project so could u help me for it.


For even a moderate electric vehicle your going to need something like a 500 to 800 watt DC motor - more then likely 24 volt operation.

Any higher voltage is going to need something exotic in the battery line.

What exactly do you want this vehicle to do?

How fast

How far

How many passengers

What is your budget

How electrically skilled are you?


-Fast- not so fast, but enough torque to do some hills, but still do 20-30km/h..

-Far/range- it would have to be a pretty good range, i plan to do with him alot of driving when my motorbike is out of use. I would like it to have at least a 50km range with one charge. Thats about 30-35 miles.

-Just one passenger, i weight 85kg's, thats about 180Lbs.(pretty muscular huh)

-My budget is well standing, but i want to do a cheap thing, from crapyard and such. Because it would be only my third fun vehicle, i have much others, that would be just for funny cruising to the beach and some trails in the woods. So far i have found the wheels from an electric scooter, but thats so hard to find here, and if you find it, it will cost you like a new one, and i like the DIY. So lets say my budget it 100$, and ordering motors online is OUT because i order many thing from ebay, and ordered a motor from Hobbyking some years ago, and it came broken, with the casing split in half. And the 3KW motors are pretty expensive for me.

- Skills: I am a medium skilled guy in electronics, I don't know much but there is my father for it. Im a perfect mechanic and DIYguy so for it to fit, it will fit, but for it to work, well i can't tell you that.

Check out the link I put in before.

That car will do around 30KPH for 2 hours using 2 deep cycle car batteries.

The key is to build VERY light. Weight uses energy. and aerodynamically efficient.

Ebay carry motors from golf carts - that would do for you.

Your going to have problems with hills - They eat battery power and I strongly suggest you look at fitting some peddles and make the motor an assisting motor rather then the prime drive.

At least 300 watts and you going to draw 20 - 40 amps from the battery so the motor will get HOT - you will need to arrange some cooling system.

I discarded the bicycle build because i could not figure out how to fit the car batteries. I have alot of old batteries i changed from my motorbike, but i think they are too weak to run for the range i need.

I will probably build a scooter, i have the wheels of an electric scooter(i dunno where i got that ones).

I opened the bike starter and put alot of oil in it, cleaning it up a bit and brushing the brushes too, then tested it on bench at 12V and dunno how much amps, it runs pretty good, i ran it for about 30 seconds stationary and it doesn't seem to heat up. I think it would not heat up while the wind cools it down a bit. I don't know, i will test it.

Plan B: i have a 16V drill motor, with all the gearings , i would run it at 20V with primary gears(the ones in the drill itself) and the secondary gearing to get torque(i dont know what gearing for sure). Would that be good?

The wheels are pretty lightweight, and i plan to do it all aluminium, with a brake caliper on the sprocket itself to reduce some weight, and as rad and light as it can get, but without missing the security factor.

My prepositions are it would weight about 20kg without the batteries, if i will run the drill motor I will make the mistake to order a couple of battery packs from hobbyking, about 5-6 packs, but I dont know anything about Cells,Cycles, ampers etc.. Then all complete with that setup would weight about 30kg(and thats pretty lightweight).
Also the important for me is to get torque, the speed can be 20-25mph too, but with enough torque..

That would only be 2 to 3 hundred watt motor you wouldn't be able to go very fast and you would need a pure sine wave Inverter for the best performance.

Yes.... A simple square_wave AC would also ( according to Fourier French guy )
try to turn the motor three times as fast in the opposite rotary direction !!

220 instead of 120 I just wonder where he is in North America most washing machine motors are 120 volts 60 cycle 1/4 to 1/3 horse.

I live in Croatia, Central Europe. Here mostly everything that runs by house electricity is 240V.

Now if memory serves me right your Industrial voltage is 480 50 cycle, it was a long time ago I use to rewire industrial equipment imported from Europe.

There is a trick you can do to boost the power of your motor if it is an Induction motor and it should work use a 60 cycle Inverter.


5 years ago

You are an application searching for motor.
  • A hand grinder motor with gearing
  • Electric lawn mower  motor you will need to add the gearing.
  • Junk yard electric scooters
  • Or this most excellent treatise on electric motors made easier because of the fact that your application is not physically cramped.
  • Look for portable float gear motor display turntables

I have a motor from those drills that get powered by 240V, not the ones with the battery, but they have a transformator in it that makes the voltage 24 or 12V im not sure, would that be good? Thats a pretty large motor, something smaller than my hand. would that be good to just get going? It doesn't have to be fast, just make me cruise and have a long range.

12v deep cycle battery with an dc to ac inverter should do the trick,does that motor have the torque to get you going from a standing start?.or will it just sit there and burn up in front of you.