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Watch Parts Motorcycles Answered

Here is a interesting link show the use of old watch parts.

motorcycles watch parts


great now were gonna see people in Vegas trying to sell us real Rolex motorcycles

They sweep, not tick! Wouldn't want your motorcycle to tick!

Depends now, we had a little bomber of a 125 in the yard, far beyond recognition, leaky piston rings, burning oil and everything else that went in it, it used to make the most interesting ticking noise, combine with the fact that it had six inches of exhaust left... I do believe skippy blew it up in the end, something finally gave up and he came shooting in to the workyard in a cloud of smoke and flames, now that was a good reason for one to tick... I only got on it once, turns out I was too tall, got a burn from where the hot gases were leaving the engine... If I see the guy with the fake rolex's I'll ask him for a few duds, make myself a rolex bike...

I'd liked to have watched that one tick, perhaps even taken my life into my hands and given it a go...

Heres a Rolex one. Oh yeah it sweeps all right, 200. No wait since i like you, 250

Very creative !!

In fact, I may just have enough spare, non-functioning analog watches laying about to do this.....I will have to scrounge for something different for the chain though....

Oh, that is amazingly cool!

Hmm, I think I'll hit the car boot sale, I reckon there's enough stuff to let me build one that can go to some extent...