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Watch battery powered miniature dollhouse chandelier Answered

I would love to see someone create a tutorial on how to make these:


They chandeliers for dollhouses that are powered with small (watch sized batteries) and they have on & off switches.

I know a lot of the materials to make these can be found here
I just have no clue how to put everything together



Really good like http://dollhousesstore.com/

There seems to be an issue with that site's security certificate?


6 years ago

I have been looking for the bases. You can find battery holders but not with the switches attached. That's the problem. They must make them somewhere.

If you find the bases please post it. I have been searching everywhere! The lamps are nothing more than beads on a base. I would love to try to make my own. I am haaving the same problem you are with finding the bases.

I found it!!! I hope the original post-er sees my post.


I ordered one today.....very excited :o)

I'm not sure about you getting the battery operated components at cir-kit. Most, if not all of their stuff is used with tape wire and all hooked up to a 12 volt power supply. I've not seen the battery operated lights before, but have been trying to work out how to do something similar. I have made miniature chandeliers and light fittings, but only 12v ones.


It should also be easy to modify a solar garden light to provide the power without messing with batteries. You could even mount the solar cell part on the roof to make a true solar powered dolls' house.