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Water Bottle's Answered

i have a lot of different kindsof water bottles, what could i do with them??



4 years ago

you can sell there are many shops that is buying bottles, it can be used as tools

Water bottle rockets.

A-hem ! LOL

Oct 28, 2008. 2:52 PM Goodhart says:
An army of Different sized Bottle Rockets :-)

Thank you for agreeing ;-)

That will teach me for not reading, all the comments before commenting myself.

Lftndbt slinks back to the hole wence he came. LoL

Hey, I was just teasing.....consider it great minds thinking alike :-)

Don't worry, I know your teasing. A bottle rocket show would be excellent. Perhaps shooting them, into their appropriate recycling bins.

Yeah, Look Ma! They rinse themselves out and deposit themselves into the appropriate bins .... I LIKE IT ! :-)

Lay them on their sides, row upon row, like bricks.

Build a wall!

If you have enough, build four walls, add a roof and call it a greenhouse.

Doubly green, because it's built of recycled materials.

Maybe like this, but plastic.

wow that looks cool !someone should convert it into an instructable !

It would take me a long time to find THAT many bottle ;-)

That is rather neat looking....I wonder how well it works in practice (at my latitude).

Put baking soda and vinegar in it and make them explode... :-)

what can i say... at least hes not throwing them away

Make a raft! There are instructions, search for the ible...