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Water Pump Sprinkler Answered

I have a gas powered water pump at the creek for watering a garden and grass. I need a suggestion for building a 'sprinkler head' on the end of the 3" blue collapsable tubing. I have been having to move the water every 15-20 minutes. Thought of using a 3" pvc tube with holes drilled along one side and capping the other end. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Bill


heres a thought... i just figured if lower end sprinklers work this way why not home made ones?


I will try and construct something like your diagram...
Thanks for the input,
Bill in dry Nebraska

your welcome :) glad i could help

A simple pop-bottle with some holes drilled in it and a connection to your pipe should do the job, I use that setup to water my lawn and it works quite well... Uber :)

I will give that a try now that the rains have stopped for a month. Have not need to water by now the ground is cracking...
Thanks for the input,,

Excellent pressure... must be 20-25 gallons per minute; probably 50 yds. from the creek site.... Thanks for responding... Bill

3" is quite wide, have you got good pressure? Your suggestion sounds good enough. L