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Water Rocket Launchers Answered

Water rockets are fairly new to water warrior technology. To reduce our carbon footprint, water rockets are built using plastic bottles. This forum topic talks about the operation of standard water rockets and launchers, how they can be used in a water war, construction of water rocket launchers, rockets, and add-ons like water balloons on the tips of rockets, ammo clips, and grips as well.


We seem to have had a rash of water-rockets recently. Was it a school project, with a requirement to post here, was it the members of this group, or was it just a coincidence?

Just experimentation of new water weapons. Who wouldn't want to go to a super-soaker fight, and in the heat of battle, whip out a water rocket launcher with water balloon warheads, shoot them into the sky, and watch as the balloons they carry fall to the earth, soaking enemies unfortunate enough to be in their path? Besides, they help the environment by recycling plastic bottles, and Homeland security hasn't banned it yet. They're also pretty fun.

Here's an idea worth posting-a water MISSILE. That's right, missle. (it's just a longer water rocket) What if I got several 2 liter bottles, spliced them together, added a head that holds MULTIPLE water balloons (possibly through tubes on the sides, or clustered at the nozzle also), and built a barrel launcher for it (held the same way as the missle pod on Halo 3, or any large gun-BFG, chain gun, rocket launcher is held on Doom 3). I'd probably need an umbrella around the end of the barrel to protect me against the propellant-water(or at least a metal shield).

Balloons (3-4) go on the bowl on the tip of the missile. There are slots cut in the barrel for the wings. Generic zip tie collar release mechanism. Tire valve in the back of the barrel. Another handle could possibly be added in the front.

If this was a multistage water rocket, the vertical flight distance would probably double. Balloons could be fitted on both pieces of the rocket for more soakage.

I had an idea the other day... I was playing DOOM 3 (xbox), and I got the rocket launcher. It has a clip that holds 5 rockets that roll into the barrel as they are fired. The clip protrudes from the weapon diagonally upwards, so that gravity helps reload. What if this principle was used in water rocket launchers? 1 liter bottles in a clip the size of a cereal box coming from the side of a PVC barrel... A cocking mechanism that inserts a tube into the bottle, while at the same time covers the magazine hole... The bottles would be empty, and water would have to be pumped in first, then air. That, or some sort of water bladder made from layered water balloons on the inside of the bottle creates thrust. It's an interesting concept.