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Water rockets Answered

Does anyone in instructables make water rockets? We seem to not have a great deal of them. If you like water rockets, please join https://www.instructables.com/group/waterrocket/


I am developing a water rocket launcher that shoots 1 liters with water balloons taped to the fronts of them to be used in water warfare. I'm also developing a water rocket that can be shot horizontally (and not kill anyone) as well. The launcher may even have an ammo clip (5 rockets) the size of a cereal box that gravity-feeds water rockets into the barrel (like on DOOM 3). I'll make an -ible when it's completed.

You wrote, "Does anyone in instructables make water rockets? We seem to not have a great deal of them." True enough; searching for "water rocket" only returns 72 I'bles, out of 15,939 total (as of 8:30 am PST 12 Nov 2008).

72 seems like a healthy number though :-)

I suppose the definition of water rocket is held a little loosely then :-)

I found a cool instructable on water rockets.

I'm just about to go to the local park to launch two new ones. 1 is almost identical to the one you have pictured, the other is a proto-type for a high altitude unit.


Is that experimental proto-type a piece of 1 inch PVC pipe? I would love to see an instructable for it.

Good eye!! LoL I need to get my new pump before I will achieve significant flight with the pressure pipe. I'm tipping the 1000 PSI mark, yet I believe I may be better of with light gauge stainless piping instead of using carbon fibre to re-inforced the pipe. Carbon fibre re-inforced pipe is only safe to around 2000PSI, which would leave you in around the same ball park as the pro US team, holding the record. I took the pipe which is 1m long up to around 90 PSI, got to around 40m without water in it. I am qualifying at the moment which air rifle pump I will purchase, the ones i'm looking at can achieve 3500PSI.

How do you use carbon fiber to enforce the pipe?

You purchase it in roll flexible form then apply a resin, roll it around the pipes length, then apply another layer of resin. I believe it is rather pricey though.

Meh, pyrophillia demands it must have flame...

I remember when we each had to make one in Junior year in physics.That was nice because I had the best performing and coolest looking rocket.I'll have to post a pic sometime.


9 years ago

I just made one for my physics class!

Photo 1.jpg

Nice! I think the hardest part isn't the rocket, but the launcher.