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Watermelons and electricity Answered

AHA Gotcha


According to this transcription :

Hi guys again
it's punkguyta
have an other question
about my amps
see gamee the world bubu aye took the cover off as you can see here
but when i scleener aswooder anoo this starts get right
you can see roll in here but it still turn red back to zoo dot in the back of school form
under this one inner this is a DSP regular wilst turn red
and TS pitch on the read
I hope I didn't anything good
does anyone has any ideas ?

I think I understood about less than 50% of your message ... :-/

Did you say that you cleaned your amp with water ? or am I still misinterpretring i scleener aswoorder ? =o)

OK, I'm not a native speaker of english too, so here is my best shot:

Hi guys again
It's punkguyta
I have another question
About my amps
See I think I made it a little booboo, I took the cover off as you can see here
But when I was cleaning it with water, I notice it start to get red
You cant really see it on here, it start to turn red
Like those little dots on the back of cell phones
I'm just wondering..it says DSP right here, where it turns red
And DSP chip is right underneath it
I hope I didn't do anything
Does anyone have any ideas?

I think that's probably 98% right (I hope).
A glass of aswoorder anyone? ;P

Why the hell does everyone find it nessesary to write transcripts for me! If that's what I wanted I would have said "I need some transcripting done"

. The transcripts are not for you. They are for the ppl that have a problem understanding your accent. And your enunciation is not the best I've seen - I had trouble understanding some parts. . Why complain about it when they are trying to help? Ignore it, if you don't like it.

It's my mac's mic and probably the shitload of background noise that made it hard, trust me I can talk just fine.


That's pretty close to my transcription ! ;-D

Reminds me this :

chooseausername: What's easier to understand, the "pure" speaking woman, or the accent?

The Steve Martin's "french" accent sounds not like a real "french" accent would. So, it's easier for me to understand the "pure" speaking of the woman =o)

LOL, thats funny :D

I couldn't make some of the words in the first 15secs

leff I'm going to America
I munga tolow to speak with that flourish American accent
So as not to arouse suspicion
Shuf find me the greatest accent coach in the world

Think I could blend in very well in France..

Sorry Punk for the unintended hijacking. No, I'm not quite sure why it turns red, probably some kind of chemical reaction with the water, or even the chlorine in it. I think it's probably superficial, no real damage on the chip itself. But don't take my word for it..

Yes, sorry PunkGuyta ... It's all my fault. According to Gyromild transcription, I have no idea why it became red ... Maybe could you try to make some better pictures ?

Well read my CSI rant, likewise, I can't extrapolate pixels out of my .5mp webcam.

It sounded fine when I played the file back on my computer before I upped it on youtube, fuckin youtube has to transcode everything weird-like.

It's not you : it's me ;-)

My poor french ear is not trained to understand every accents yet ...

The only person's accent I understand 99% on this site is Kipkay's.
I just need some more training =o)

Gee, the transcript definitely cleared up a lot of questions I had about what was being said (seriously !)

If its one of those wet-strips -- and you KNOW it was because it was wet, KNOW, replace it with a slip of paper ;-)


10 years ago

who is this man?!?

Oh ! Thanks ! You taught me a very interesting new word : "figment".

I'm going to store it into my collection of words, into my brain ... hu, I mean, into your brain.

Thankyou very very much, while you're up there could you clean things up a bit for me? IT's dusty.

Lend him a leaf blower, it's make the job go faster LOL

I'm a figment of my own brain that runs in a continuous loop constantly causing a colossal convulsion causing catrastify enduring turtles.

ya dude get a new camera i cant see crap.. its too blurry

lol ya...he needs to get out of that mole hole....and get a new camera.... btw dude wtf is with the watermelons in the title?

thats what i thought...but why watermelons...why not say SEX or BOOBS...

does the circuit board itself appear to have a red tint ? Some are dyed.

Well not really, one other spot I know I cleaned is kinda red. The stereo is working fine right now, maybe I just never noticed when I opened it and it was already red?


10 years ago

and yeah you got me XD