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Waterproof background material for photographing marine specimens? Answered

A bit of background: I'm working on improving the quality of photos that get passed my way.  A little bit of effort on the part of the photographers could save me countless photoshop hours on my end and likely preserve more useful information in the process!  I'm hoping the DIY photographers out there might have some advice.

The details:
Photos are of marine creatures (therefore the subjects are necessarily wet and probably muddy!), taken at-sea (so the material needs to be fairly easy to pack up). 

Can anyone suggest a material/product that is waterproof (gets wiped/cleaned between specimens) and is flat (not shiny)?  Both black and white will be needed.  I've used plexiglass but get a lot of glare, and one cruise used a piece of black cloth with the kind of result you see in the photo.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!



7 years ago

Plastic countertop laminate (like Formica or Wilsonart). Get just the laminate itself (no backer or anything), and get one of the matte types. Tape the edges with duct tape. Light, fairly durable, and waterproof.

That would get my vote for a trial also. Cheap, easy to find, durable and easy to clean.

what about a piece of naugahyde (pleather) just like the seats that are likely in the boat you ride in


Or what about getting a can of matte black and matte white spray paint and paint something up?

Make a light box

Why not just use Plexiglas, but along with a polarizing filter on your camera?


7 years ago

A shower curtain, not the shiny vinyl kind but the waterproof fabric kind. Something like this:

Fabric Shower Curtain.jpeg