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Waterproof solar powered speaker system Answered

Hello- I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate marine speakers and an amplifier into a standalone system to take on river trips. Ideally, the setup would also be solar powered (or at least have the battery and MP3 player be solar-rechargeable) for long trips. I would appreciate any advice as to how I would go about determining what kind of battery, amp, speakers, and panels would need to be used. Also, any advice on wiring the setup to hook up to an ipod that would allow music playback and ipod charging would be great! Ideally, the whole setup would be under $100. Thanks!


Im working on the same thin, im thinking pelican case. i just bought a 500 watt car amp on ebay  for 15 bucks.

I would love to see what you put together!

I was also thinking of a peli case, to enclose the battery, amp and iPod with marine speakers mounted into it and a roll-up solar panel for charging.  My biggest concern is figuring out how to wire is so that the iPod can be powered by the solar panel/battery as well.  I also have thought about having a basic headphone type connection to be able to control the iPod while in a separate otter box (if it is fully charged). 

Please keep me up to date on your progress! 

Gentlemen, I've built a complete system just like what you are talking about, and I have to say, it is straight up awesome. I took it down to the beach this past week, totally sand and waterproof. Two Ipod inputs (interior and exterior use. Exterior for land use, interior for floating down river), rechargeable SLA battery (sorry, no solar hookup), interior lights, extra waterproof compartment for cell phones, wallets etc. Using an otterbox too. Its all enclosed in a pelican case. Pepperetters, I couldn't believe it when I was reading your post, its like you knocked off my exact idea! Want to start a business? haha

I would love to see what you put together! Please do post an instructable!!! Glad to see someone is doing this, I have been pre-occupied and never did attempt the project.

I hear ya there. I had the idea two years ago, bought my materials, and then got a new job which took all my free time. I just found it in my closet about 3 weeks ago and made it my mission to complete before my vacation last week. Mission accomplished. I'll try to make an instructable, but I didn't take any pictures during assembly, so it may be kind of hard to do.

Thats understandable. If you dont think the instructable will work out, would you have time to perhaps provide a list of the supplies you used and how you wired it all together? Im more mechanically than electronically inclined!