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Ways for a 13 year old to make money online? Answered


There's lots of websites that let you read emails or take surveys.

I've picked up a little extra bread doing that.

@iPodGuy,Hi! pls send the survey and mail sites to me at derealtechnologies@gmail.com

Not legal for a minor to take online surveys. (At least not the ones I've seen.)

If you are good with computers, look at remote assistance. LOTS of people would be glad to have a 13 yr. old fix their computers. That's what I did when I was 13. :)

(Just don't charge too much... you'll make more money that way.)

Use parents Ebay account.

Depends on your skills, interests and tenacity.

There's nothing for nothing so your going to have to work.

Make & sell jewellery through etsy

Write an Ebook for children Publish through Amazon


6 years ago

Get a parent to set you up a trading account on Etrade.
you have way more neurons ie brain connectivity then adults.
Start trading stocks for profit.