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Ways of making Megaman's Armor Answered

What are some ways I could build a cool Megaman helmet and armor? I had this idea of converting a chinless motorsycle helmet into one without the visor as well, I could do a megman helmet out of papier-mache and get it just right to be my Megaman Helmet, plus could a nice light blue morphsuit (if it exsits) be get as the base of my armor and finally the boots and how I can have it over my my shoes without painting them or ruining them?

Oh I'm gonna nab Think Geek's replica of the blaster since it's the perfect thing to my Megaman Cosplay!



3 years ago

Don't morph suits have feet in them? Wouldn't they slip over your shoes?


Reply 3 years ago

yeah it covers the whole body and I was thinking using that to create slipable gloves. then cut those feet ones off so I can make those boots that I can easily cover my shoes with if I can.