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Ways to hold screw with something without using nut? Answered

I am trying to build a holder, that will hold onto a pipe. So apparently, it will be cylindrical in shape. And from 1 end it would be cut and curved at 90 degrees. And 3 holes would be drilled into that space. So like i can lock the holder onto pipe and take it off whenever i want, just by screwing or unscrewing.
However, as you can see screwing every time would suck. Very inconvenient. And there is no need to screw 3 screws. 3 are for support, screwing 1 would be enough to keep in place. But if i dont screw all three screws 2 may fall off. 
How can i do it so screws stay stick to the base.
Use glue? of some sort.
Use some sort of washer that holds screw(difference only that nut would be thick.)
i need help. :D 


Just screw in a screw on each side then you will only use two XD

Greetings Doc. +1 on the retaining washer. My first thought.

Get a panel nut, they are very thin nuts used to mount switches and other panel mount components through thin walls. Typically they are around 1/8" thick and fine threaded so you will have to make sure you get a matching bolt.

Screws don't use bolts they are self threading - Bolts use nuts and for them you have to drill a clearance hole.

You can glue a captive nut onto the inside.

You can use a self tapping screw - lot depends on what the material is and how thick it is.

In PVC plumbing pipe normal wood screws hold fairly well - I tend to use chipboard screws that have a thread all the way up to the head.