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We Can Has Gift(s)? Answered

My Skills Include: Beer Making, Composting, Gardening, cooking (advanced novice), small projects that don't require advanced tools, some electronics, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Projects,  heavy lifting, and wit.

I'd Like to Make: Something for the novice beer brewer, something for a garden, or a little doodad to keep a kid amused.

I'd Be Willing to Make This Size Gift: Any size

I'd Be Willing to Receive A Smaller Or Larger Gift Than the One I Make: Absolutely!

What I Like: Things powered by the sun, light up things, useful items for ZAKS (Zombie Apocalypse Kits for Survival), turtles (not a reference to that video, I really dig turtles)

What I Don't Like: Brussels Sprouts, turquoise, Dean Koontz novels, Smirnoff Ice

I Absolutely Shouldn't Have: Sugary stuff (borderline diabetic, trying to not be actual diabetic)

Things I'd Love to Receive: Solar powered things, robots, garden stuff, ZAKS (see above)

Would You Be Willing to Ship Internationally: Yes!

Confirm Age: I am, sadly, almost 31 years old. Smashing Pumpkins wrote a song about the year I was born.



"Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse is indeed of the utmost importance, and I will always welcome any others tips and ideas on how to more easily survive such events of obvious mayhem. I must now ask what kind of brews are you currently brewing? I have once taken part in actually making a beer once, but I have never tried to brew it at home. Hmmmm I think I may have a good idea.....I wont reveal exactly what it is, But I will say that it has nothing to do with my bad grammar, that it will be capable of making sound, and that it reminds me of something that a moonshiner down in Kentucky would have to pass the time while his distillery was a cooking. However it will be more advanced and unique. And yes beer brewing would be an important skill in the zombie Apocalypse."


8 years ago

I was going to make a sculpture in chocolate for this gift exchange, which I would not inflict on you. BUT, separate from the gift exchange, as a founding member of Team Apocalypto, a Zombie Preparedness Organization or ZPO, if you will, I could trade you a ZAKS for something. www.teamapocalypto.com I have a couple of them around the house, so I could send you one, plus a foam practice head for stabbing. (Of course, I mean what good is a survival kit if you aren't practiced at zombie head-stabbing?) I don't think that I could really create a useful instructable about them, because making one is really just collecting useful zombie survival items together into a kit, not really making anything per se. If you decide you would like to trade, we just started making beer at home, and we could use all the advice and/or useful gizmos you could provide. Incidentally, we have found through our Team Apocalypto membership surveys that beer making is one of the most prized skills in a post-apocalyptic zombie survival scenario.