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We both like each other, but are very shy, what can i do for him to make a move, or should i make the first move? (teen) Answered

I really like someone and, i'm pretty sure he likes me too, yet he's really shy, and i think he's scared of being rejected. What can i do for him to make a move, or should i be the first one to do something?


 I had some problem . I've been liking a girl for 2 year and when she is going to vietnam for some fun trip , i've been messaging her and we did not talk in school . i confessed about 3 time but failed . Tried to forget her .

but can't . 
Yes Kiteman , so i decided to so for it.

After her trip to vietnam . she said she like me abit .
I was O M G and jumping around like mad . shes with me now :D

trust me... just go for it...make a move and he'll say yes if you like eachother. dont overdo it though, lead into it kinda slow, cuz if you asked him out by just walkin up to him an plantin a kiss on him, if he's as shy as you say, he'll run for the hills.not cuz he doesnt like you, just that he would feel overwhelmed with all that happinin so fast. "go forth young grasshopper, and fare thee well."lol

My first proper girl friend asked me out. Nineteen years ago, I married her. Go for it.

That's so sweet. Tell Kitewife she made a good choice. She didn't even have help from Instructables Answers! :D Also, I think it's really awesome you take the time to answer all these questions, no matter how difficult, awkward, stupid, or obscure. You really give a lot of them really proper answers. You've helped loads of people (including me). Thanks.

Wow Kiteman... Your first and your last, huh? I don't know if I could do that at all...

i had the same problem i told him how i felt and it was kinda strange for about a month. Shortly after though he asked me out.

just use little signals,use alot of eye contact,slowly and softly rub youre hand over the top of his briefly and if he hasnt token the hint yet put youre hand around his side and give him a kiss

be the 1st one get him in a way that makes clear that you like him but its his choice to be or not be your bf at most you'll remain just friends and not bf/gf to succeed - just be yourself in a natural way. not perfect and not negative