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We must keep the Allsteps preference! Answered

The title says it all, Allsteps should be a benefit when we register, Now we are going being treated like dirt by the system! We are being removed of all the basic features! What do you think about this happening? Do you think it is fair? do you think it Should be done? And do you think madness will occur when it takes effect?


maybe contact eric about this and complain and do a protest

Eric is aware of your wishes.

Not personally, but I know that he knows that some people want AllSteps to be a non-pro feature. However, there are a great many more people who are more concerned about secondary images and PDFs, so they are probably getting more of his attention, thought-wise.

This secondary images thing - what exactly is it? L

i dont know i just want the allsteps and the pdf keeping

Get your parents to pay for it? It's not harmful, it's educational, social networking etc. - there are worse things you could be doing with the internet... L

project "get mum to pay" has just started

When a step has more than one picture, to view the other pictures, you have to click on them. Those are secondary pictures.

I believe Eric's original post says "secondary image sizes", which I take to mean the SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE & ORIGINAL when you click on the "i" top left.


If a step has two or more images, only the first image is visible full-size to non-pro members.

I think you've got it wrong my friend. Go back to Eric's original post and it says "secondary image sizes", which I take to mean the SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE & ORIGINAL when you click on the "i" top left.
I have to admit that I just ran with what I though your perception was, up until yesterday. And I would have expected someone else to pick up on this also...


If you log out, and try looking at a project with more than one image on a step, the thumbnail stays small, and you get a pop-up inviting you to turn pro. Non-pro members get the same thing (or will, when their 3 months are up).

Since I don't know if I don't know, then I don't know, so no. ;-)

I mean you don't have to worry about being the only one to contact Eric, he already knows, since he and the team have been watching all the topics about pro-ness. Trust me, he is thinking carefully about the whole thing.

I don't really like the PDF feature... But yes, the allsteps preference is important to me... I don't like flipping through pages...


9 years ago

For someone who hasn't created a single instructable, you seem to be talking quite loud. Besides, I would rather keep secondary pictures, than all steps on one page.

You seem to be quite elitist lately. "Who're you?". It's almost as if somebody's political opinions are any less valid because they were never a President.

Not necessarily. As of the pro announcement, secondary pictures would be taken away. Right now, they are collecting data before deciding whether to take it away.

I think that secondary images are more vital. Most people (guests) are used to a site having click through instructions, its normal for alot of websites. It doesnt in anyway prevent you from following instructions.

It does, especially for long instructables. Agreed, Secondary images are almost the bare bone minimum, even guests had that. I think eric, Or whoever is managing what features to take away is going a little too far, taking away our basic features telling us to pay, instead he should add new features, Ask members and they would come up with ideas for new features that are worth paying for.

Weird, I'm not a pro, but I'm still able to use automatic AllSteps. Is this because I joined last year before Pro Accounts were made or what? Can everybody still use automatic AllSteps?

It's more tedious to view content, but doesn't stop you doing so. There are worse things as others have commented. L

Yes there are, But this is one of the features that would be a registered members benefit.

Secondary images and PDF downloads are much more vital to accessing the site content.

Agreed, PDF downloads...Not so much but secondary images are one of the basic features that is so basic that it should not even be considered a feature, even guests have(or had)it.