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We recently moved into a duplex and over the last month an odd smell in bedroom that resembles a chemical. Suggestions? Answered

The odor is primarily in the master bedroom and is more noticable now that the windows are closed and furnace is being used.  Do not smell it anywhere else in the house.  The smell reminds us of what rail-road ties smell like, the creosote specifically.  Am worried that it may be something serious and cause more difficulty with my breathing (I suffer from allergy induced asthma) and do not want to have to any issues.



check with the owners/neighbors. maybe your neighbors have a vicks medicine vaporizer.

Your neighbor may be running a meth lab. Is your bedroom on the common wall with the other half of the duplex?

Has the roof been repaired, replaced or re-shingled recently? They could have used tar around the plumbing vent stacks and the odors are coming in around these points. Its not uncommon for people to notice this in only one room. Quite often its the adjoining bathrooms that pull the odors in and they linger in the bedrooms. (A poorly sealed attic space can create a similar effect). If that's the case, then I don't believe there are any health effects to worry about, but it would be beneficial for the duplex owner to have the attic space and roof inspected (preferably by someone who did not do the roof repair).

If the roof hasn't been done, then is the master bedroom next to a joining wall with the neighbours in the duplex? If so, it could be coming from their side (even the space of a wall socket is enough to let odors travel).

Sounds like timber preservative somewhere then.