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We should have known the Swiss were just copying... Answered

Thanks to the great folks at MAKE for letting me stumble across this!

The Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge has a 2300 year old Roman multitool, with eating utensils, picks, and the same sort of unidentifiable weirdities the Swiss are famous for.


it's interesting! but I do not quite understand for what some adaptations. frazeeg  offers something more simple -- we live in 21 century -)

Dang. I want one!
Wouldn't the amount of silver in this item make it rather valuable in Roman times?

I'm amazed it's as tarnish-free as it is, I didn't think the metals they were using back then let things survive for 2300 years. Then again, I usually think of things like the Antikythera mechanism that are saltwater-corroded.

Well, the differential corrosion is due to the different materials used -- most of it is silver, but the knife blade is iron (steel?), presumably in order to hold a sharp edge for longer. It's a pity the three documentation sources in the catalogue aren't hyperlinked.