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We waz robbed! Answered

Can you believe it? Someone stole my WTFBBQ from our yard! And such a fine BBQ it was.
What a rotten thing to do. I'm going to the police in the morning. But it's already been taken to a junk yard, I'm sure.

Feh! WTFBBQ, indeed.


Dude what a bummer and such a nice BBQ, it’s like that where I live also. You can put it out with a sign on it Free To Good Home and it will sit there forever. But just put it on the front lawn and turn your back for thirty seconds and it is gone.


I know, right? Yes, it's a total bummer. I'll have to make a new one come next spring, not that I mind, but what a waste. It was a pretty good countertop too, nice and thick, you don't get those much anymore.

Thank you for the support. It's welcomed.

The worst part, going to the police, easier to bang your head on a wall. The scrap value is all they will see and your pride takes a back seat. What are the chances you will find a counter top just like that one or better to replace that one.

Well, I'm still going to the police... if only because I want the crime stats to be correct. I know, they won't really care...

I'll probably be able to find a similar counter top, but it's going to take some time.

Oh no! I'm sorry. I hope it turns up or you get to make another soon. :)

For shame!

You're not the first victim of instructa-theft - Canida had her "Mouse Mouse" stolen from a MakerFaire.

Apparently, our stuff is utterly desirable... somehow. If only for the scrap value. :-/