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Wearable digital billboard (DIY battery powered monitor)?? Answered


I am looking for a way to turn an LCD computer monitor into a wearable digital billboard, but I don't really know where to start. I thought someone may did already a similar hack so I try posting here my questions.

Is it possible to use batteries for a screen about 22" big? Could someone point me to any tutorial, documentation on how to hook up these batteries on an LCD monitor?



This is probably a time to compromise on monitor size by a few inches in order to not carry 10kg+ of batteries with you. Laptop screen is probably your best bet, as they are plentiful and driven by reasonably-sized batteries. In fact, you can often find the screens and batteries together.

If you're dead-set on using this particular 22" monitor (which I would be if I had one on hand), do as mpilchfamily recommended and check the voltages. Then find a deep cycle marine battery that'll deliver the voltage you need, do the math to make sure you don't send too much current to your screen, and cross your fingers. Some deep dive Googling will help, too.

Thanks for your suggestions,

And what about a media player? Do you have any thoughts on that?


To send video to the monitor? Something with HDMI out, probably. Depends on your monitor's inputs and your immediate media player options.

Remember when everyone suggested that you use a laptop? I hear that a laptop can play a variety of videos. And they're built to hook up to monitors. :D

I think an Android mini Pc would be ideal (HDMI output) like the MK 808b, but I would like to keep it simple, some kind of Memory Card Reader would be enough, with minimal file compatibility like mpeg4, ogg, webm....etc...

You need more than a card reader. There needs to be some processing power to handle the data from the card and work on that data before passing it on to a video processor to render the images on the screen.

An android mini PC will work. You could also use a Raspberry Pi. Another option would be a digital picture frame. But i doubt you'll wind one that's 22".


I think I will stick to an Android Mini Pc...

I will be back with updates...:)


4 years ago

Thanks for your replies,

A relatively large battery would not be a huge problem, I would be pleased with a battery life of 2-3 hours, so people who would carry the screen could take a rest whire recharging the batteries. Do you have any recommendation for the battery brand, size, type??

Another issue would be a kind of media player, what could I use to display some video/text or images on this screen??


Actually, wouldn't it be easier to just use a tablet computer?

it would be really ok, but at a size of 22"? is there any tablet having such a screen?

It can be done if you want to wear a very large and heavy battery on your back. The monitor takes DC. Inside is an AC to DC power supply. Open it up and see what kinds of voltages the monitor needs. Just don't expect it to last long without a large battery like a car battery on your back.

Maybe it would be better to start with a laptop screen?