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Wearing shed antlers? Answered

So when I was a kid I found this nice rack of white tail deer antlers, 8 points. Moved out of my mom's house and forgot about it, but recently they resurfaced. I'm thinking it would be really cool to wear them for Halloween..

I've done a lot of battle with search engines for the past few days but it doesn't seem like anyone uses shed antlers for anything terribly interesting. Much light-fixture-ing and car key racks abound. And the guy who made a USB key casing.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to wear them such that they look about as natural as a human suddenly having horns could be? I'm not bald, so that's not an issue, but I don't have access to a lot of tools since I'm still getting started.



Best Answer 5 years ago

They'll be hard to mount firmly, yet also look natural.

Instead, I'd set the into a hard-hat; drill holes to set the antlers into the helmet, and fix them with generous amounts of 2-part epoxy on the inside of the helmet.

I can't get this vision of a shed with antlers out of my head...

...raising it's noble roof in the morning mist, the mighty Shed surveys his harem, keeping a wary eye on a small pack of tool stores lurking on the horizon...

....Shepherding his flock of juvenile strimmers.

omg lol. thanks everyone, I just moved so thats why it took so long to reply but that all really helps


5 years ago

A friend of mine buys antlers and sells them on e Bay. He has bought them by the trailer load on occasion when he got a good price per pound. Shed ones go for less than full sets. There are a lot of artists that use them. They can be carved, a Dremel can do amazing things on them. They are bone so working with them requires the same technique as with any bone. If you plan on wearing them take precautions and keep people clear. Getting stuck with a tip would leave a mark.

Or poke out an eye. Then next year go as a pirate.