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'Weather station': can it be converted/ hacked to data-logger/ PC compatible?? Answered

This christmas, many stores in Holland sell nice 'weather stations', even with remote access. But no recording, data logger, no SD card, only transmission of real time signals to the display unit.  I myself have great 1960s vintage registering equipment, from the university dumpster.   But how many folks can get to that???

Hopefully, someone can figure out how to hack one of these weather stations...


hey Bob, when you say "transmission of real time signal to the display  unit" do you mean a TV, or some other kind of display? Link to addie or mfg/model by any chance?

The more expensive models have radio transmission from the sensors to the part with the LCD display for the living room.

The cheaper models are from E10 to ca E30, the wireless ones between E 30-60.

I saw one 'PC compatible' model for E 139, so in 1 or 2 years, they will probably be available for a lot less.

If there's already a PC compatible model, then patience is your friend. And keep your eye on Ebay.

"This Christmas, many stores in Holland sell nice 'weather stations', even with remote access"
If they have remote access, then the data can be parsed. As SteveStrouk said, the data format is the issue. At a guess, someone has already hacked it (or the mfg can assist). If not, that's your fun task for the winter!

I've got another idea.

Set up a cheap webcam to watch the display unit and take snapshots of it periodically.  Run those snapshots through an OCR program, and you'll have your data.

You could certainly set up some macros to handle this whole job for you, and there ought to be free applications out there to do every part of it. 

The answer can only be : maybe. It MUST be possible theoretically of course. We need to work out the data format the things transmit.