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Web Repair - Low Rates Answered

Back in 1998 Nina Katchadourian spent a number of weeks repairing broken spiderwebs with red thread. Interestingly, the spiders would reject the thread over the course of the night and repair it themselves by morning. Definitely check out her work.



10 years ago



LOL! Is that Photoshopped, or did she write that?

haha that'd be awesome if she wrote it

Well, it'd be lame if she didn't, wouldn't it...

Thats kinda cool, cept she mentions she further damaged the webs when she did this, and that the spiders fixed it themselves that night. Interesting, but pretty wasteful of not only her time and resources, but the extra time it took the spiders to remove the red thread.

Such a great idea, just in terms of odd things to do with your spare time, definitely more interesting than sewing, no offense goodhart...

It is in their best interest for them to repair their own webs, unless that thread was pretty sticky :-)


10 years ago

Those links don't work for me...even removing the extra "http://", it's redirected elsewhere...

Don't most web-spinning spiders ingest their webs and rebuild every day?

So I looked it up, and many do rebuild daily, but some just repair....Kind of interesting, like to see the link, too...