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Webcam to Video Capture Card (s-video) Answered

I have a webcam (usb) which I want to connect to video capture card (Osprey 100) having s-video input port. How could I do this? Is it possible? 


how bout u take out the ccd or cmos sensor and its bayern filter n built a circuitry around it?

Why would you need a USB web cam routed through a capture card? There are plenty of software options that will record the video from the web cam. You don't need a capture card to do it.

The set top boxes are made to take the DTV signal that is being broadcast over the air and converts it to an NTSC signal your analog TV understands. Each signal has its own standards for the way the information is encoded and transmitted. The signal coming from the USB connection on your web cam is totally different then the protocols used by the converter box and the capture card. Not all Digital and analog signals are the same.

As mentioned by steveastrouk, making a good converter is more complicated then its worth. I'm sure you can find a better way to achieve your goal.

Actually I'm curious. Yes I do record video from web cam. I also record video from cctv using video capture card. However, as everyone says that its not possible to connect webcam and video capture card with s-video, I was sure that someone from this forum may have tried to do so. There are some websites which give circuits which show that it is possible to convert digital signals to analogue. This was more of an academic question rather than a practical one. Sorry to have bothered you guys, my curiousity has more or less been settled. I am sure someone will come with a solution in time.

Its not that its impossible to do. It can be done with the right knowledge and parts. But it is much cheaper and more practical to buy a CCTV camera that uses RCA jacks then it is to convert the USB camera. Like i said its more then just converting digital to analog. USB speaks a different language then s-Video. So not only are you converting the signal from digital to analog you have to translate from one language to another. There may even be more to it then that. I know enough that i wouldn't be able to pull something like that off. But i also know there are better ways to do things.

Thanks for the info. TV Set-Top boxes covert the digital signals to analogue. How does it do that? Cannot the same circuitry be used for converting digital signals from webcam to analogue?

No, the circuits are "one-way" - MAKING an analogue signal from a digital camera is possible, but its one of those things that if you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand the answer.

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