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Website Selector Answered

Hello everyone I came up with this simple but very useful batch file.
Copy the Text you see below and then paste it to notepad and save it as .bat
FOR EXAMPLE===> Website Selector.bat

@echo off
title Websites
color 0a
echo now pick a website!!!
echo 1=www.google.com
echo 2=www.youtube.com
echo 3=www.yahoo.com
echo 4=www.facebook.com
echo 5=www.twitter.com
echo 6=www.instructables.com
SET /p pick=
if %pick%==1 goto 1
if %pick%==2 goto 2
if %pick%==3 goto 3
if %pick%==4 goto 4
if %pick%==5 goto 5
if %pick%==6 goto 6
start www.google.com
goto stuff
start www.youtube.com
goto stuff
start www.yahoo.com
goto stuff
start www.facebook.com
goto stuff
start www.twitter.com
goto stuff
start www.instructables.com
goto stuff
echo press 1 to go back to choosing a website or 2 to exit
SET /p go=
if %go%==1 goto back
if %go%==2 goto exit
goto back
goto end


You can choose the select option code to active it.

Hmmm... what are you two talking about?

I can, you joined my group, what it the code so far. I know how to do this type of thing, u use the "set" and "IF" commands/args

Yes i use the SET and IF commands to do this. what about if you help me make this, it will be awesome consider to do so. We could make a lot of fun batch files together is going to be amazing!!!
1-you will talk to your pc
2-dont need internet

My Next batch file will be about chating to your pc, I know is going to take a long time to make, but at the end it will be woth it.
If you want to participate on this Chating.bat file leave a comment below saying what question should i add to the batch.!! or what type of answers

Oh yea and I have a computer running xp and turns out it has more CMD commands than win. 7 or 8

Unless you are talking about a LAN chat.....