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view my website and tell me what you think of it www.randomscientificstuff.webs.com post something in the forum


Not "y2.1k?

"y2.008k"? actually, it's Y1.9609375K if you follow the comp-sci meaning of K.

2K = end of 20th Century

3k = end of 30th century


2.1k = end of 21st century

A while off, but the humour is supposed to be in the software-style numbering. Like we're in v2.1 (which will still need de-bugging, naturally).

Nope, y.2k.

Year2000 < the time when computers imploded. also when website were crappy HTML. =)


I savvy, but it's not so much fun...


10 years ago

I do? :/

I had set up something very similar on Bravenet years ago. Personally I was just unable to keep up with it.

Nice idea (I've never had the dedication to maintain a blog).

However - you have a Creationism thread?? And the first post in the evolution thread is about the Big Bang, which has nothing to do with evolution.

Thanks, I can't honestly tell, I have no idea as I've never thought of a hit counter, I just forgot to add a traffic checker but I'll see if I can find some kind of record for you...

yeah I, uh, well..., errr, meh... Didn't get round to bothering...

No! don't add a counter in! =) very y2k

-I'd say just have a hidden stat counter

Um, hidden or not, it would still be a counter, yes? :-)


Not bad, when you get to grips with full on website design have a wee look at my 'ible to help with it... not spamming you, I got sick of tempated designs and made my own site eventually, though you've chosen and nice simple modular appearance, I like the idea your blog seems to have going aswell...