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Weed whacker into a water wheel generator? Answered

I have a weed whacker (that works great) that runs off of an extension cord from a house. What i want to know is can i spin the motor (in the manner of doing that to a drill) to generate a charge? And if so, how do i figure out what the amperage would be from it?


I can't answer how to figure out the amperage, but I can tell you that you can use the weed eater motor as a generator. It is because most motors in weed eaters and vacuum cleaners are Universal Motor, capable of running on both DC and AC. To check, get atleast a 12 volt battery and hook up the leads to the plug using maybe alligator clips or an extension cord with the male end cut off. Also, you will have to use a capacitor as the motor doesn't use permanent magnets and therefore, requires "help" to start generating.

You need to have a weed wacker that uses a DC motor to do what your wanting to do.  If it plugs in to the house current it is a AC motor, so it ain't going to work.